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Jewlz Beyond Hair
​​​​Spray Tanning

​​​​​Full Body $40
Upper Body $25
Legs Only $20
Face/Neck Only $10​​​​

Pre Tan Instructions-
Eight hours before your session shower, exfoliate with a non-oil based soap and be sure to shave and/or wax. Please remember NO gels/powders/lotions after. This will allow for even coverage.
Wear loose fit clothing and what you would like to be spray tanned in.​ ​​​This is up to you as far as comfort level (bathing suit, bra/panties, tank top/shorts)
DO NOT wear moisturizers, face creams, make up, deoderant, perfumes or lotions to your service. These items hinder an even tan.

Once you have received your tan there are post tan instructions to ensure the longest lasting results. Jessica will explain these to you at your visit.​​
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